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Gittan Kenntoft & Anders Hof |
Would be great to have you come and play at Bergstugan some time. John and his band will be playing next weekend.Your always welcome here.Love from Gittan & Anders
19 July 2009 - Sweden

Flavio Mattos |
Very good work. consiste with good lyrics and grafic conception. We were going to a distance beach in Rio de Janeiro when Kevin showed us for the first time your album . Was really nice Congratulations and Good Luck.
15 June 2009 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Travis |
A few of us were staying in Cork last week for a business trip (from USA) and stopped into Canty's for a pint or two - just one or two....when we heard you guys (Lynch Mob) noodling around while you were setting up, and knew we were in for a treat. Next thing I knew, lights were flashing. FANTASTIC gig!
4 June 2009 - Maryland, USA

Dave Hewitt |
There was 6 of us in that pub in Cork that night we thought you were great i to have ordered a copy as well as Steve thanks
12 May 2009 - Ashford Kent England

steve from kent england |
heard it on the juke box in a pub in cork last weekend brilliant apparently you were drinking in the same bar landlady told us now ordered the album
12 May 2009 - ashford kent england

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